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In the Locker Room

Last month I had the opportunity to work on a collaboration with the fabulous Kate Benson.
We had two amazing models, Pricilla Bingham and Nicole Snow who came along for the ride and willingly participated in all of our crazy ideas.
Well, almost all! 😉
We headed up to the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird, Utah and enjoyed Oktober Fest, the beautiful mountain air, the fall colors that literally made the canyon come ALIVE, and The Cliff Lodge.
If you ask me, all day was just not enough time.
I could have stayed at the lodge permamently.
It’s that nice in there.

We explored with a purpose in mind and came across some fantastic places to shoot.
I only shot film.
That was the way in which I chose to challenge myself.
I used an unfamiliar camera, the Contax 645 and my trusty, super basic, no frills light meter.
I shot all of these with Fugi 400H and Kodak Tri-X then had them scanned and processed at the FIND lab.
I also added some photograph techniques that I dont usually use and that was especially fun.
This portion of our shoot features some slow shutters.
I really LOVE a slow shutter.

Kate came up with a whole different idea for her challenge and I think you will melt into a puddle on the floor when you see her images because I saw a couple on the back of her camera and they were seriously blowing my mind.
I will let her tell you about her vision on her blog. Be sure to visit.

By the way, this collaboration is a 3 part series for me. It begins in the Locker Room…

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