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NYC on a Saturday

One of my favorite things to do is to go into NYC and meet up with other photographers.
This is made even more fun when my sister is with me.

Tavia and I met Brennan and Ebb for the first time on a Saturday in August.

It was a lovely day.


smAugust 2014AA028
smHolga August 2014AA013
smAugust NY 2014AA001
smHolga August 2014AA016
smHolga August 2014AA012
smAugust NY 2014AA002
smAugust NY 2014AA006
smAugust NY 2014AA015
smAugust NY 2014AA020
smAugust NY 2014AA026
smHolga August 2014AA008
smAugust NY 2014AA028
smAugust NY 2014AA029
smHolga August 2014AA007

All of the black and white is Tmax 100 shot through my Holga 35mm.  All of the color is Kodak Gold 200 shot through my Leica m6. I self developed the black and white in D-76 and sent the color to a local lab for processing. I then scanned all the film using my Pakon 135. It is a brilliant machine that has changed my life.

March 17, 2015 - 9:16 pm

Jennifer - My sister is out there for a photography internship right now, I think the two of you together would be magical.

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