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Upmost respect to my mother who after nearly dying in a horrible car accident last September, has in the 11 months since, showed everyone in her life what it takes to be a survivor.  This year has been difficult across the board for her as she has had to relearn how to walk among many other challenges, but she has continued to pull through like a champ and has proved to be the epitome of strength and bravery in the face of true hardship.  I am so proud to be her daughter and I really hope I inherited even a small portion of her grit and determination.  This series was taken in February when she came to stay with me for a few weeks of her recovery.  At the time she could only walk using a walker because putting her full weight on her leg just wasn’t an option yet.  Her body was very stiff and moving around in the tub was not easy.  I wanted to capture her scars, the hardware just beneath the surface of her skin, and the grace and beauty in which she was able to hold herself despite all that her body had been put through.  I haven’t seen her since these photos were taken and I miss her terribly, but her recovery has truly been miraculous considering all she went through and I am in awe of all that she has been able to regain in the past year.

Nothing is guaranteed in this life. Mortality is fragile, imperfect, and sometimes a very scary place to exist.  There are many days where I struggle just to keep my head above the surface and my life is nowhere near as challenging as most people.    I am humbled by my mom.  I am humbled  and encouraged by all the people who struggle to overcome their daily obstacles in this life.  I am hopeful that we can each rise to the occasion of our own individual journey as we wade through our personal challenges and setbacks.   I hope we can all be kind to ourselves and eachother, because this life isn’t easy, but it sure is worth it.


January 13, 2017 - 11:53 am

Anonymous - Thank you – wonderful perception of life – Life is love overall

September 6, 2015 - 11:10 pm

kirsten - I just wanted to pop over and say that I really find your photography refreshing…sometimes photographers seems to all run together for me but I can always tell when I run across your photos! Keep it up…it is so inspiring to see someone paving a new path these days!

August 12, 2015 - 11:25 pm

Jen - “No tree can grow to Heaven unless its roots reach down to Hell” ~ Carl Jung

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